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[2724] real swords [北海道] 2016/10/28(Fri) 22:53
The sword came in faster than expected, and met my high expectations. It is razor sharp, there are no knicks, and it feels as if it was built to last. In my opinion, this sword is worth the money.

[2723] real swords [北海道] 2016/10/28(Fri) 22:53
I purchased this along with several other swords. Bottomline: you can really hurt someone or yourself with this weapon. However, if you plan on doing some sword battle with a couple of will definitely need either a better sword, or a 30 yard head start. But do not believe reviews that criticize this sword and it's sharpness or capabilities to do harm. It's sharp enough and will give even a novice an opportunity to train with something decent. If you want more "authenticity", you're going to have to reach into your wallet and pay a heck of a lot more.

[2722] medrol [関東] 2016/10/28(Fri) 22:52 Medrol,

[2721] katanas for sale [北海道] 2016/10/28(Fri) 22:51
This sword is absolutely awesome!! Very sharp! Looks just like the one in the movie.

[2720] wakizhasi [北海道] 2016/10/28(Fri) 22:51
The sword is beautiful, very well made and sharp. The weight is very good distributed. It looks amazing on my living room

[2719] Serena [北陸] 2016/10/28(Fri) 22:48
I deleted WhatsApp, and I suppose it is best to too as a result of life with out WhatsApp is so much better and happier.

[2718] citalopram [関東] 2016/10/28(Fri) 22:46 citalopram,

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